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Q & A for 5 Love Dynamics

Is it really true that the 5 Love Dynamics Program can spark attraction, enhance love, revitalize passion, and ignite a sizzling sex life?

Absolutely! The 5 Love Dynamics is a fundamentally sound system of understanding how to have everything you could possibly desire in the areas of love, romance and relationships. It covers things such as:

How to spark and maintain attraction – Have an amazing sex life – Discover amazing ways to remain on the same wave length over long periods of time – how to get along great in the mundane areas of life – Experience more love with your partner the longer you’re in your relationship – and so much more.

How did you come up with the 5 Love Dynamics?

The 5 Love Dynamics are the brainchild of Sherrie Rose®, The Love Linguist®.

The 5 Love Dynamics are so simple, that you probably wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself! All great truths are simple.

The 5 Love Dynamics are the inter-personal love dynamics. That means between you and another person. These 5 Love Dynamics are the same no matter what your sexual orientation. An interpersonal relationship may range from fleeting to enduring. The act of love enables you to see the character and essential traits in your beloved but you must get their first through dating and getting to know one another. To know is to connect.

In an effort to explain about love it became clear that knowing where you are in the FLOW of the 5 Love Dynamics helps to understand how those dynamics are affecting your love and sex life.

Our relationships serve to get us to our destination and fulfill our life’s purpose. The inter-personal relationship of two lovers connects the mind, personality, and character to relate to mental, emotional, and motivational forces (often at the unconscious level) that generate the deepest of human needs: LOVE.

These 5 Love Dynamics help make the journey more pleasant when you understand how to create a thriving, flourishing relationship that’s characterized by intimacy, growth, and flexibility. This allows a dynamic balance between the intimate relationship and other relationships.

Why are there 5 Love Dynamics?

Again, the 5 Love Dynamics are the inter-personal love dynamics, between you and another person. Our relationships are our opportunity for growth and transformation. The 5th of the Love Dynamics is Cultivating. In the Cultivating Dynamic, you can experience LOVEMATISM.

Lovematism transforms human potential to manifest the divine.
– Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist

There are actually 7 Love Dynamics, two are personal dynamics. These two are Love of God and Love of Self. No matter if you are in a relationship or not, you have these two love dynamics are play in your life.

In addition to the Cultivating Dynamic, the 5 Love Dynamics for interpersonal relationships are: Dating Dynamic, Mating Dynamic, Relating Dynamic and Acclimating Dynamic.

Sherrie Rose wanted to call the ‘Mating Dynamic’ ‘Sexual Dynamics’ but it did not have the same ring to it from Dating to Mating to Relating to Acclimating to Cultivating. Even though these 5 Love Dynamics are numbered from one to five they man not occur in this order in your life. This is an important distinction.

What’s so different about the 5 Love Dynamics compared to other dating and relationship programs?

Here are just a few reasons why:

It’s geared for both men and women. It’s being given to you from both the male and female perspectives. The content is time tested from both personal experiences and research. And, it’s delivered in a style you won’t soon forget.

I’m Dating – Can 5 Love Dynamics help me find an ideal partner to create the perfect relationship?

Yes. The 5 Love Dynamics will help you get clear on what’s most important to you, what’s most important to the object of your desire and how to present yourself in such a way that who you want is most likely to also want. In addition, you’ll learn to know whether the person you’re with is the person you actually want or not. That, in and of itself, would be well worth the price of the product. And, it is satisfaction guaranteed.

I’m Married – Will The 5 Love Dynamics help me understand why, when I say one thing, he or she hears something totally different (and how to talk and relate without hurting each others feelings)?

Yes. It teaches you a fool proof technique to listen to and speak about what’s important to your partner; how to make sure your partner knows you are committed to their happiness & success and gives you peace of mind and a loving partner.

We’re on the Rocks – Can 5 Love Dynamics help end the blame game which is destroying our love and sex life?

Just the 3rd Love Dynamic alone can save just about any marriage or long term relationship in trouble. Understanding the difference ways the opposite sex gives and receives love is enough to reignite the flame that was there in the beginning.

I’m So Busy – I already don’t have enough time with my partner. Are the 5 Love Dynamics time-consuming?

If you have time to breathe, eat and take care of your basic needs for living, then you have time to implement The 5 Love Dynamics. The keys to implementation are listening, speaking, curiosity and caring. Even if you master just 1 of the many tips and fundamental principles, you’ll dramatically and permanently alter your relationship for the better.

All Fizzle/No Sizzle – My partner says that I constantly say and do things that turn them off me – Will the 5 Love Dynamics help me identify and avoid making these passion-killing mistakes?

Yes. You will understand what makes the opposite sex experience attraction, desire and passion, as well as what you can do about it. Your partner wants something; we all move away from pain and towards pleasure. The 5 Love Dynamics will show you what that is for your partner and for you. Then, your partner will associate pleasure with YOU!

Is it hard to learn and to implement the 5 Love Dynamics?

Not at all. The 5 Love Dynamics system is designed to show you how to be your best self. They are ‘ergonomic’ in the sense that they work with how human beings naturally do things and are interested in. They show you that being in and maintaining a Love Relationship is as simple as breathing. All you really need is awareness. You already have that.

Who will benefit from the 5 Love Dynamics?

It’s for anyone who’s interested in or already in a relationship. Whether you’re in your first relationship, married 30 years or looking to be in a relationship, if serious relationships are important to you, this program is for you.

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